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The Acid Rain Series has started the pre-order in 3 Hong Kong toy stores,

Shop 222, 2/F, CTMA Centre, Sai Yeung Choi Street,
 Mong Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel : 2366 2688

Shop E1-E2, Ginza Plaza, 2A Sai Yeung Choi Street South, 
Mong Kok Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel : 3157 0796

2/F, 61 Soy St,  Mong Kok,
Kowloon, Hong Kong

Online stores will start the pre-orders in Jan. 

Sol Commander (pilot) is included.
Suggested retail price : US 130/ HKD 980


STRONGHOLD 303th (Marine)
Pilot is sold separately.
Suggested retail price : US 140/ HKD 1080

STRONGHOLD 88th (Sand)
Pilot is sold separately.
Suggested retail price : US 140/ HKD 1080


Sol Commander
Suggested retail price : US 20/ HKD 150

The Winged Victory of Samothrace Set
2 Sol Commanders, statue and floor.
Suggested retail price : US 45/ HKD 350

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Product Journey - Box art for STRONGHOLD and SPEEDER MKII

The product of Acid Rain has its first launch this year and is getting more and more exposure. It is my pleasure to work with Oritoy on the Acid Rain project. We aim to make products which are both of high quality and entertaining. We came across many problems but we resolved them one by one. After the 1st product of STRONGHOLD, we will launch the 2nd product in 4th quarter 2013. 

As a toy collector, it has always been my wish to make high end products. We may be regarded as slow by the market but as a small team, we are in good progress in the design of new products. 

Acid Rain is not only a story about war, it’s more about the ridiculous phenomena we are now experiencing on a daily basis. It’s about how these ridiculous things get “normalized” and used by us. For example, to get rid of your enemy, an excuse of removing mass destruction weapons has become a proper reason for advancing the war. For the sake of creating harmony in the society, the government can restrict the freedom of expression and press endlessly. Well, we all look like one of the many screws in the big machine of society, but are we just as much as a screw? I hope via reading story we can have some thoughts about it. for the online sale of Acid Rain very soon!!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Unexpected discovery

  Since Agurts was involved in the war, books and notebooks are all nationalized. We can only read books at the schools or assigned locations under stringent rules. With no more trees can be used to make paper, some nationals use reusable plant fiber and sap to make notebooks. They write down what they have seen or learned in the notebook so most of the content of these notebooks is about the daily lives.

  Bob's notebook contains knowledge ranging from astronomy, geography, mechanics, plants, to even cooking skills. The information are fragmented but involve different areas. I found a scenery picture with some white flowers which I have never seen, scattered on a piece of grassland. The petals of these flowers are white and the stamens are in yellow. The form of these flowers is simple, yet by looking at the picture I can feel an unprecedented peace. I start to wonder if Bob has ever been to this place, or if this place still exists now. What will I do if I have the chance to be there? In fact, I am not sure whether the notebook belongs to Bob as it does not show Bob's name. I went through the notes and noticed some unusual stains. At first I thought these stains are due to the reusable paper but after taking a closer look, these stains are actually composing irregular patterns and they look like different signs. I start to suspect these signs are used to communicate with others.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

"Soil Ghosts”

  My name is Damien, the son of a farmer before. Under the conscription policy I have to go to different cities at the border. After I got the notebook of Bob a month ago, I was transferred to the northeast border of the desert area of my country, Zamaii, to stop the robbery conducted by those shadowy tribes, "Soil Ghosts".

  In a world where wars go non-stop, even a country like Agurts which has long been remained neutral was invaded by the Soil Ghosts, the armed forces at the border of the neighboring country. By then no country in Europe has nothing to do with the wars. The country which "Soil Ghosts" belong to has vanished due to pollution and desertification. Pollution has destroyed natural resources and with scarce resources the country is unable to trade with others. Now the country was left with a few small tribes. Contamination has resulted weird changes in the body of the "Soil Ghosts". There are rumours that the "Soil Ghosts" worship the phantoms living in the desert and eat human bodies for food. No one wants to deal with an enemy like "Soil Ghosts".

  In Bob’s notes, there are also some fragmentary records about the "Soil Ghosts”.
    "They are the tribes left in the vanished country next to Zamaii."
    "Their bodies experienced mutation due to pollution."
    "They use human skeletons as the masks for protection."
    "Different parts of their bodies get swollen, there is no single rule."
    "Some have developed exceptional vision ability."
    "Crust formed on their feet."

Product Journey - ACID RAIN at STGCC!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Product Journey

4th QUARTER 2013


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Product Journey - ACID RAIN at STGCC!


31 August to 1 September 2013
Level 1 of Sands Expo and Convention Center, Marina Bay Sands.
Exhibitor Name: The Falcon's Hangar
Booth No: E19

Product Description:
Come and catch a glimpse of Ori Toy's brand new line - Acid Rain! The Acid Rain lineup features full articulation and light-up features as well as play compatibility with most 3.75 inch action figure.  The very 1st piece in this series - ST-1 Stronghold (Quad-Eyes) Marine 303rd Version, will be available for sale exclusively at TFH's booth @ Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention.

Please see link here for video of product review :
(Please credit video to - Vange1us)

See more at:

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Product Journey

4th QUARTER 2013


"Mobile armor came in the first place for community development. The people of Zamai know that fossil fuel will bring pollution.  The first generation WF series, save for other parts were imported, the power engine was invented by Zamai people. The engine simply extracts hydrogen in the air and stabilizes it so to have unlimited energy supply. WF series was then developed to the fourth generation when the invasion broke out, expanded to types A to E for different industrial and agricultural use. "

Handwriting from Bob's diary

Sunday, August 4, 2013


  Three months after the death of Bob, the squad I belong to was sent to the building where Bob and I had had the first encounter. For three months I witnessed wars of different scales which have resulted countless deaths for both the enemies and us. I am supposed to feel numb about all these, but I just cannot get away with the scene when Bob left me. 

  I took out the bag of coffee beans left by Bob, sitting down alone at the corner where Bob used to stay.  The corner is not close to windows and it is dim. I saw a broken mirror on the wall full of graffiti. I looked into the mirror and saw an unfamiliar face, that is me. The statement about "mission" made by Bob pops into my mind. What is a mission? Once a person is dead, nothing left but ashes. When Bob's life came to an end. what is remained is only a small bag of coffee beans. I stared at the wall and found an irregular coffee bean pattern emerged, next to it is the signature phrase of Bob "Each person has his own mission…"

  When I am trying to reach the pattern, I noticed a small notebook between the cracks of the wall. I peeked at the soldiers and hide the notebook quickly when they were not paying attention. The notebook is full of notes and drawings, when I want to check out the details of each page, a small print slipped from the notebook. The note reads: 

  "I ​​am correct that you are a curious man. If I am not wrong I should be dead now. I leave the bag of coffee beans for you as a memento! I wish that you can have a real taste of coffee for me one day. You should have a lot of questions in mind but it's difficult to explain all these with a few words. As the diary is already in your hand, your curiosity will take you further. Everyone has to find their own mission themselves. Someone may even exhaust all means to find his own, the key is we should not just sit there and wait for it. " 
─ Former owner of the coffee beans

  After reading this note with no expected ending, I feel relieved. I packed the notebook and the bag, thinking that I would like to understand the past of this old man. 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Product Journey

It's not a paint job only, it's a tank that has gone through a war!
You can feel the texture of the tank directly. 
Feel our world!

 Toys produced by Ori Toy.

Monday, July 29, 2013


"The mobile armor was transformed from the model of WF-04a industrial use armor. It is the first militarization of mobile armors. The breakthrough was a result of an invasion of the Zamaii's border by the militant organizations. Zamaii, the town of a small agricultural state making little progresses in armaments, loaded the mobile armor with four 90mm machine guns and four cannon urgently after the invasion. Well, this does not look promising at all. Believe it or not, with the main body of this prototype was a well developed model of WF industrial series, the weaponry has become the main defending force of the homeland. The four cannons provide reliable defense in the middle distance, we soldiers gave the four cannons a nickname of “Quad Eyes” meaning double protection for them. After that invasion, the Zamaii's military officially incorporated the “Quad Eyes” into the team, named ST-1 STRONGHOLD, kick started the age of mobile armor development for military use."

Handwriting from Bob's diary

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Who is useless?

  When I am on the way back "home" the portable radio comes a politician's remarks, "If you come to the age of 40s and 50s, but you own no land and property, you are useless....." It's really frustrating. Without us, a troop that fights  for the integrity of the national boundary, can that politician be so still and calm? 

  I am a soldier with no land and no property. When I see my teammate on the tank waving hands to me after my daily duty, I feel so glad that I can safely return "home", back to my seat inside the tank, my temporary shelter. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Product Journey

work in progress