Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Product Journey - Box art for STRONGHOLD and SPEEDER MKII

The product of Acid Rain has its first launch this year and is getting more and more exposure. It is my pleasure to work with Oritoy on the Acid Rain project. We aim to make products which are both of high quality and entertaining. We came across many problems but we resolved them one by one. After the 1st product of STRONGHOLD, we will launch the 2nd product in 4th quarter 2013. 

As a toy collector, it has always been my wish to make high end products. We may be regarded as slow by the market but as a small team, we are in good progress in the design of new products. 

Acid Rain is not only a story about war, it’s more about the ridiculous phenomena we are now experiencing on a daily basis. It’s about how these ridiculous things get “normalized” and used by us. For example, to get rid of your enemy, an excuse of removing mass destruction weapons has become a proper reason for advancing the war. For the sake of creating harmony in the society, the government can restrict the freedom of expression and press endlessly. Well, we all look like one of the many screws in the big machine of society, but are we just as much as a screw? I hope via reading story we can have some thoughts about it. 

BigBadToyStore.com for the online sale of Acid Rain very soon!!