Sunday, November 23, 2014


In a morning where the sunlight is blocked by a thick layer of haze, we are trapped in a tiny oasis. All of us are exhausted, speechless. The soldier next to me takes out his most precious -- also the very last cigarette. It takes him some time to light it up as his hands keep on shaking. This is against the rule. But after the fight happened last night, we only have few of our men left, we were on the edge of collapse. No one can tell if we can survive till next day. 

Three weeks ago, our whole infantry unit, 15 of us were deployed to the desert area in an emergency. My commander told us that the intelligence found the military camp of Soil Ghosts and the Soil Ghosts were planning an attack to us. We then arrived the desert area but was not merged to the Team 88 there, and we received no orders from Team 88. We were being kept in a container awaiting for further instructions. What made things weird was that Team 88 was not allowed to make any contact with us. We have been feeling nervous since then, and the "imprisonment" has made us more tense. After I noticed that some of our men became very hyper after having the meat dishes in the dinner so I tried to avoid eating them to keep myself awake. At first I thought it was a type of endurance training, but after weeks, I started to suspect if it's a punishment instead.  But why? What's wrong with our unit? I asked myself but could not think of any. I didn't know some of the men here, I joined the unit at Zamai, at that time the Old Man was still there. But if things were related to the Old Man, I have a better clue now. After the death of the Old man, a group of senior commanders searched our place thoroughly. It looked like they were checking if anything left by the dead so to pass them to his family. Now I guess they might be searching for the notebook which was now in my hands, as the notes were written with code. 

When I was figuring out the relationship of all these, there came the voice of the commander, telling us the Soil Ghosts would launch a full scale attack and we have to preempt it. We were given a big feast then pushed to a truck without being given further details. What worried me was that some of us showed utmost excitement to the coming action, instead of the nervousness and the cautiousness we usually have before any military action. Then we arrived an unknown place in a complete darkness, we then heard some gunshots and our men at the front fired back like crazy. A few of our men including me stayed at the back awaiting for further commands anxiously but did not hear any. As the dawn set in so we moved forward to see what happened.  I saw bodies of children, elderly and women all over the place. Our soldiers were all stained with the blood of these innocent people. It was not the military camp of the Soil Ghosts! It was the village which lived the civilians of the Soil Ghosts! 

When I was thrown in deep shock, other soldiers who have fired started to scream with madness, some of them could not stand it and shot themselves to death. In a complete chaos, the militants of the Soil Ghosts arrived, seeing the devastating scene, they attacked us with no reservation using all their gun power. We tried to retreat but found that our commander and the truck were all gone. We were in complete isolation! After making a hard resist, only a few of us managed to flee away to an oasis. 

Even get trapped in the oasis, I cannot help to ponder on what has happened all through. Is it related to my attempt to send the letter to King, if yes, why other soldiers were targeted? We are a group of soldiers mean to protect our country only, not to kill innocent people. Who set us up? Why they have to do it? Suddenly there is a sound at the back and when I turn back, I see a dark shade in front of me and I am struck down and fall into unconsciousness.

Saturday, July 12, 2014


Just finished the preparation for Acid Rain to be shown on SDCC, 
there will be new products and diorama there. 
The details will be posted in the coming 2 weeks. 
Raptor will be available for selling soon. 

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Acid Rain in Thailand and Korea!

Acid Rain in Toy Shows!! 
Chances to see Acid Rain Toys and prototypes of new products face to face. See you!

Thailand Toy Expo
Central World, Bangkok Thailand from May 1-4, 2014

ATC Seoul 2014 Committee
Space croft
465-5 Pyeongchang-dong, Jongno-gu
Seoul 110-846, South Korea
 May 1-5. 2014

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


The 88th infantry was set up to protect the transportation route of agricultural produce from Agurts to Gafia. Operating at the anarchical desert area, the infantry experienced attacks from the Omanga, who have penetrated into the land of soil ghosts. The 88th infantry are facing high risks and  they have the highest rate of casualties among Agurts’ military units, even they are equipped with the high end weaponry. 

Friday, April 11, 2014


The Bucks team was set up in 1997, the time when the use of bio-chemical weapons by other states has become widespread. It was a small military unit to carry out secret service with Bob as the chief. It has successfully resolved many crises for Argurts and the unit has expanded to a large team supported by scientists, engineers and technical staff. This expansion has also aroused the suspicion of the politicians in the government against Bob. 

Saturday, April 5, 2014


Another launch is coming.
More sales information will be updated!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The outside world

In a silent night, Damien took out the notebook of Bob cautiously. He jumped to a page with a map. It is a map about the surrounding states of his own country. Damien, who has never been to a place outside his own country, for the very first time, followed the footsteps of Bob and explored the outside world. 

  "After WWII, Omanga has developed nuclear technology and started to use nuclear plants to generate power. With the experience that nuclear power is far more efficient than fossil energy, Omanga has expanded the use to an unprecedented level. Finally its first generation nuclear plant at the north exploded in an accident and released large quantities of radioactive particles into the atmosphere. This catastrophic disaster has resulted half of the territory of Omanga and some of the neighbouring states were contaminated. Most of the populations at the north moved to the south. With resources pressure, Omanga has become more aggressive and started its invasion to the border of Gafia.   

Gafia is an inland state between Omanga and the land of soil ghosts. Facing the invasion from Omanga towards its border, Gafia’s central government adopts an appeasement policy. In contrast, people living in the border are fighting rigorously against Omanga’s invasion. This contrast has torn the state apart and regional conflicts always happen."

Monday, March 31, 2014

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Monday, March 17, 2014

Who is the Evil?

"It’s so easy for a government to use propaganda to hide the truth."
"Here I met the most kindhearted and beautiful face, their simple behavior for self protection is described as evil."
"Due to the lack of resources, Soil Ghosts use the skulls of their deceased loved ones to make masks. They also believe that the masks carry the blessings from their loved ones and will guard them against enemies." 

Sunday, March 16, 2014



Thank you Victory Toys support!
And thanks for the presentation by Uray Harin Hebert and Bayu Pratomo S Suradikrama at Jakarta 10th Toys and Comic Fair 2014. You can see some prototypes and get our products from Victory Toys

Booth  A51-A52

15-16 MARCH 2014

Friday, March 14, 2014


Thank you Victory Toys & SACCA Production for their support!!
You can see some prototypes and get our products from Victory Toys

Booth  A51-A52

15-16 MARCH 2014

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Raptor Prototype

work in progress
The final version will have fully weathering detailed

Monday, March 10, 2014


In 1945, the battle of World War II have become more immense than ever. Even though Germany lost in most of the sea and land battles and its military power was substantially diminished, it managed to finish its research and development of nuclear bomb and the Allies have no knowledge about it. When the United States dropped several nuclear bombs to Japan, almost at the same time, Germany has successfully dropped the nuclear bombs to the Allies’ main territories. The large scale battles came to an end with both the Allies and the Axis powers suffered from the devastating effects of the war and the radioactive pollution. As most of the countries become so weak after the end of large scale wars in 1945, they started to lose control of their own territory and the country was split into different areas, like city-states controlled by different warlords. The way of war has changed to guerrilla or small scale regional military conflicts. After 52 years, these states came under the control of large corporations. These conglomerates-run governments focused on short term commercial interests, the livelihood of the people come after their own interests. They grabbed all the resources in order to maximize their benefits, without considering the balance between nature and people. All the resources are excavated and the environments have been constantly destroyed. To weaken their enemies, these governments also began the use of a wide range of chemical and biological weapons. The resulting pollution has brought the world into the Acid Rain Era. At first those states using fossil fuels were the strongest, with the exhaustion of these resources, they became weak or some even perished. Other states which use the environmental friendly energy gained an upper hand in the Acid Rain Era. These small states have become rich and strong, and aroused the ambitions from other states to invade them.


Japan Wholesaler :

World Scope 株式会社ワールドスコープ

Shanghai Wholesaler :

创世纪玩具 Choice Toy

Hong Kong Store Update:

Room 305, 3/F, Sino Centre,
582-592 Nathan Road, Mongkok,
Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Online Store :

Action Robo

Thursday, March 6, 2014

RAPTOR ( speeder MK I )

Raptor is the nickname given by the Marine soldiers to Speeder MK I. The production of Raptor originated from the defects and inadequacies of Stronghold. Since the mass production of Stronghold, several problems were identified. Although Stronghold’s firepower is particularly strong, its speed and defensive ability have become its fatal flaw. To cope with the anti-tank soldiers and the above problems, the strategy must be adjusted. An easy to control, flexible, fast and with a certain standard of firepower machine guard came to exist. 

With the development of Speeder Mk. II has become mature, Raptor has become less active on the battlefield. Given it’s still reliable, it can be found on many battlefields.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thanks so much

Thanks so much for your support to the Acid Rain World toys. Since its launch we received so many enquiries and there are many pictures of Acid Rain toys posted by the collectors. As the designer of the Acid Rain toys, I, together with Oritoy will work hard to create more cool stuff for our collectors. We would like to share the great works of collectors with all of you as follows:

Photo by Amon, Uranus, Uray Harin Hebert, Rommel & Robin San Diego, Jamie Wardlow, Jesse, 
Matsu Yoshi, Monte Williams, Simon Be, Darknight, Thomas wang, William Chien, Yuan Reva.