Sunday, February 16, 2014


  It was an afternoon after the rainy season, the gunfire rang again, as punctual as the chime of a bell tower. However, for those soldiers located at the rear of the battlefield, the focus was on the three soldiers. These three men were in full gear and heavily armed, equipped with high-performance masks. Such a powerful capability of attack did not match with the rear of the battlefield which was not yet contaminated. These three raiders were no strangers to other soldiers. In fact they belong to the famous Bucks force. Everyone knew this unit well. They were like a legend and would only appear in the most intense fighting scene. Today everyone could feel the heavy atmosphere here, not because the war has become intense, but because the once glorious Bucks unit has become a history. Although it was only a rumour that the disbandment of the Bucks unit was related to politics, no one wanted to mention why they were disbanded, and no one wanted to have any relationship with them neither.

  The gunfire finally stopped. The three raiders sat quietly in a corner, in the midst of the thick smoke. Jack, the youngest one with long gray hair shouted out impatiently.
"What is the meaning of this regular gunfire shooting? Would the enemy be so foolish that they run into our rake?”
"Don’t be so loud! It has nothing to do with us! We are sent to guard against sudden attacks." Steel, the one sitting next to Jack replied.
"Send a raider for defence?" Jack asked, "Who will make such an arrangement?"
"Whoever and whatever, we just need to get the job done." Steel replied gruffly.
"Be careful of your words." King, the man who has been keeping his eyes closed finally said, "Think about the Old Man, he has sacrificed what he had to safeguard our security."
"Old Man? He is just too old! If he is willing to say a word, the situation would not turn out like this." Jack was running out of patience, "We all know the leadership of Old Man, his rank is not easily earned, why he has to become a small guard in Agurts?"
"Old man has his own plan, it’s none of your business." Steel said.
"Well, I want to ask then, what are we fighting for?" Jack questioned. "He did not say a word and become a small guard all of a sudden, we have been fighting together for this country!"
"Our country?" Steel questioned.
"Both of you, it’s time to stop this!" King ordered. 
A soldier appeared in front of them, handed down a letter to King. The letter looked like an ordinary letter sent by a mother from the homeland. In fact the letter has to be read as follows after decoding.

“Dear King,

  By the time you read this letter, Bob has passed away. I am the soldier working with Bob before. I got his notebook accidentally so I came to know this communication. Bob has a message for you all, "I have passed away and all of you are being sat free now. You can do whatever you like now." I am still trying to understand more about Bob and best wishes to the Bucks team.


  After reading the letter, King heard the gunfire rang again. The monotonous sounds have become different now. They were a tribute to a true hero.