Monday, March 10, 2014


In 1945, the battle of World War II have become more immense than ever. Even though Germany lost in most of the sea and land battles and its military power was substantially diminished, it managed to finish its research and development of nuclear bomb and the Allies have no knowledge about it. When the United States dropped several nuclear bombs to Japan, almost at the same time, Germany has successfully dropped the nuclear bombs to the Allies’ main territories. The large scale battles came to an end with both the Allies and the Axis powers suffered from the devastating effects of the war and the radioactive pollution. As most of the countries become so weak after the end of large scale wars in 1945, they started to lose control of their own territory and the country was split into different areas, like city-states controlled by different warlords. The way of war has changed to guerrilla or small scale regional military conflicts. After 52 years, these states came under the control of large corporations. These conglomerates-run governments focused on short term commercial interests, the livelihood of the people come after their own interests. They grabbed all the resources in order to maximize their benefits, without considering the balance between nature and people. All the resources are excavated and the environments have been constantly destroyed. To weaken their enemies, these governments also began the use of a wide range of chemical and biological weapons. The resulting pollution has brought the world into the Acid Rain Era. At first those states using fossil fuels were the strongest, with the exhaustion of these resources, they became weak or some even perished. Other states which use the environmental friendly energy gained an upper hand in the Acid Rain Era. These small states have become rich and strong, and aroused the ambitions from other states to invade them.